Triptych Piano Suite, performed at the Esplanade Recital Studio, Singapore, alongside Kid's Philharmonic Orchestra (KPO) and other works by local composers.The 傳承 concert is supported by KPO and the National Arts Council of Singapore

Performed by pianist Nicholas Loh

Pianist: Jeonghoon Lee


A recital performance in Nuremberg, Germany at the Hochschule für Musik Nürnberg 

Alto Saxophone: Samuel Phua

Clarinet in Bb: Ralph Emmanuel Lim

IMPRINT Concert, performed at the Festive Arts Theatre, Singapore


Supported by the National Arts Council of Singapore

Performers: Samuel Norris (jazz saxophone) and Ng Yu Hng (piano)

A piece for alto saxophone and resonance piano, recorded at the

Royal Academy of Music, London

Pianist: Maria Marchant

7 Notes in 7 Days Project, London

She Gently Rocks the Cradle for voice and ensemble, premiered during the Autumn Composer's Platform at the Angela Burgess Recital Hall

Performers: Ed Liebrecht (conductor), Crystalla Serghiou (soprano), Ryan Bair (guitar), Daniel Swani (flute), Joanne Chiang (vibraphone) and Leona Crasi (piano) 

The piece features at the 48:00 mark

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