Credit to Inis Oírr Asano for photography

Ng Yu Hng is a London-based Singaporean composer whose music has been performed in the UK, Germany and Singapore. He is interested in exploring the intersection between temporality and musical quotations, where the ghost of past idioms are recontextualized within non-teleological 'sound tapestries'. 


Recently, a selection of his music was premiered at the IMPRINT concert series (2020), generously supported by the National Arts Council of Singapore. Upcoming works for the CHROMA ensemble, Hill Quartet and the pianist George Fu are to be featured at the Music and Time Festival (2021). He has collaborated with ensembles and soloists such as the Lontano Ensemble, Richard Uttley and Maria Marchant among others in the performances of his works. Currently, he is working on the Theorbo Today project for Toby Carr, supported by the Arts Council of England (ACE) grant.

He is currently pursuing a MMus in Composition at the Royal Academy of Music,  generously supported by the Countess of Munster Musical Trust's postgraduate scholarship. His principal composition supervisor is Morgan Hayes and is variously supervised by Hans Abrahamsen, Philip Cashian, Tansy Davies, Christopher Austin and Andrew Toovey. 

Previously he graduate from King's College London with a first-class degree focusing on composition and musicology, variously supervised by Edward Nesbit and Silvina Milstein. There, he achieving the Purcell Prize in Music for academic excellence. During this period, he also underwent private composition study with Mr Phoon Yew Tien in Singapore.


Yu Hng is a member of the Composers Society of Singapore (CSS).


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